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Clown me in IS NOT only a workshop.
Clown me in IS NOT where you are taught how to make people laugh.
Clown me in IS NOT about how to create a fake new identity.
It is a mixture of games and role playing meant to let you discover the clown or clowns in you.
It is an oasis where you lose with delight, where you are corrected with enjoyment, where time goes by too quickly. You will be applauded and highly praised as if you were a kid for your first walk.
It is about becoming creative, objective towards self and understanding the others.
It is about discovering the amazing things in you you have been hiding for years.
You would be surprised.
Assaad Chaftari
May 2010 session-Sin el Fil - Lebanon
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This workshop has not only allowed me to dig deep beneath all the layers society and age has forced me to cover myself with, but also it has given me the precious experience of PLAYING and having hours and hours of PURE FUN...
Funny thing is, once this experience is over, you discover that it actually has just started, and that clown you dig deep to find in you, becomes your daily friend who keeps asking you to PLAY PLAY PLAY... :)
Thank you for the positively addictive life changing experience... :)