Workshop- Awrad org- Lebanon- Feb 2010

The FUN and JOY we had while discovering these clowns can't be expressed in words...

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Wissam the grumpy is smiling wissam the grumpy is laughing..wissam the grumpy is happy


Teb ma shuuuu!!! (à la William)
Yalllllaaaaaaaaaa!!! (à la Zoya)
:/ (à la Rana) *crosses his arms* (à la fadi)
Heeeeeee *with a lot of air* (à la Mazen)
Weeeeeeeee (à la Sara)... See More
Ana mertei7a heik (à la Joelle)
Mwahahahahaha!!! (à la Elias)
Khalasss!!! Kharjik!!! (à la Wissam)
Hahahahahahahahahaha (à la Sabine)

Wa7yeit Allah shta2tellkon!!! (I really like really like REALLY miss you guys!!!)

W ba2ra benniyyeh :(


Hello... What's Awrad Organization exactly? Can you please post some website or some contact detail? Thanks.


hi... it's an organiZation in lebanon... that uses arts for education and to tackle social issues... award doesn't have a website yet... but if u need more details send me your e-mail to and we'll talk more