Clown Me In workshop / Lebanon

                                            It's this time of the year again :) 

Don’t we find ourselves stressed and anxious all the time?
وقرفنا وزهقنا من الحالة

Here's an opportunity to spend 5 days of laughter and fun. Meet a new group and experience something totally different.

Put on a red nose/ Step on stage/ Dig into yourself

Clown Me In is inviting you to its new workshop between the 10th and 14th of February 2014
between 6.30 and 9.30 pm
fees: USD 175
USD 150 for registration before the 4th of February


For more info about the workshop, you can watch the following link

for registration contact

What’s in the workshop:
We will discover how to unlock our clown, say yes, dig into our most ridiculous fears, most absurd fantasies, most impressive talents and our deepest dislikes... and we will laugh and play with our clowns
The aim is simple, discover and accept the Clown that lies beneath each of us, and let it coexist with oneself in society.

About Clown Me In
Clown Me In is a theatre company founded by Sabine Choucair from Lebanon and Gabriela Munoz from Mexico, two actors trained in physical theater in London.
Clown Me In uses clowning to explore human dynamics and vulnerabilities, giving people a new way to learn about themselves through clowning workshops and performances.

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