Clown Me In performs for different communities facing marginalization and poverty. The performances aim is to give the audience the pleasure of laughing, something they might be missing and most importantly to tackle their problems through clowns and play.
We explore the universality of personal stories and journeys, seeking to offer the community itself an alternative perspective that stimulates the imagination and go beyond language barriers through the use of different art forms such as clowning and storytelling.

And because we believe that it is impossible to tell the stories that we don't know and are not aware of just by writing them on a sheet of paper coming from nowhere, we seek to live the experience, to go through the diverse feelings, emotions and live the moment in several different places we visit. For that we are always curious to research the community we’re going to, and spend some time with the people (kids and old) in order to understand better their way of living, their needs and their stories.

Our performances are simple and soulful. They endeavor and are interested in the relevance of performance to social and cultural concerns.


Clown Attacks on the streets of Lebanon - an ongoing street intervention in different areas in Lebanon. We use clowning to raise awareness and fight social injustice. 

Different performances with Clowns Without Borders - USA.

Flower's Garden - A storytelling Clown performance for kids 
It is presented in an adventure like style where mime, clowning, circus techniques, hula hooping, role playing and physical theater merge in an interactive form.
The performance has been touring all schools in Lebanon since 2012 and done more than 200 shows. It was also performed in Jordan Zaatari camp and Ramtha as well as Sharjah Children’s reading festival and Madinat Nakhool- Bahrain. 

Universidad de la Comunicación, México DF. 3 de junio a las 7pm
Perhaps, perhaps, quizás in MADRID, SPAIN. MAY 16TH, CALLE DE LAVAPIÉS 9 "La Escalera de Jacob"

Al Jana Spring Festival, Lebanon 2010.

Clown Me In, took part of the Janana mobile festival in Lebanon. We performed and gave workshops for marginalized Palestinian and Lebanese communities, toured Lebanon from its north to south and east to west, spent lots of time with kids coming from Palestinian camps.

The Janana mobile festival brought together kids from Palestinian camps and from Lebanon, in addition to other key players. Its aim was to place them in an environment where they can contemplate new ideas and innovative alternatives so that the potential for different futures becomes a realistic option. The festival included the following:
1. Fun hands-on activities promoting conflict transformation & healthy living Songs for children, different workshops, clown show, magic show. 
2. A street carnival that engaged people of all ages. Children (8-14) were encouraged to express their issues in creative ways.

Clown Me In gave 45 min “Dancing instead of fighting” workshops everyday. Focusing on movement techniques to transform bad emotions into good ones, and sharing songs and cultures of different countries.
Also, Clown Me In performed a clown show based on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and its derivatives.


For this year, celebrating “Beirut the capital of book”, Clown Me In along with VAPA association and the Ministry of Culture, toured several public libraries in different villages in Lebanon with the aim of spreading the awareness, benefits and joy of reading among Lebanese kids.
We believe in pushing the boundaries of language and communication and mixing different art forms in order to relate better with a young audience therefore we performed as well as read three stories in three different languages for them.


Perhaps, perhaps, quizás is a clown piece playing with the idea of loneliness, wait and hope for the right man. Our protagonist, Grima, is a lonely woman who rehearses once a week the arrival of  ̈the one ̈ and the wedding itself.
She want to fall in love, the hard take you by surprise, soul changing kind of love and is afraid as time passes she might actually stay with her fake prop that exists in her mind as the  ̈perfect gentleman ̈. The idea occured to us as a mirror to women all over the world, either pushed to get hooked or to think about the so called  ̈ONE ̈. Perhaps, perhaps, quizás was performed in Mexico City at Cirko de Mente 2010 and as part of the NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010.

A Fools Idea (an exploration of clown), episode 3.

Self Defense, Lebanon 2006
The film was written, shot and edited by Cherine Debs after the 2006 war in Lebanon. Produced by "Ashkal Alwan" organisation in Lebanon.