Clown Tours in Lebanon with Syrian Refugees and Lebanese community

 The year 2014 was amazing for our Clowns Without Borders Clown Me IN trips in Lebanon.

December 1rst till 17th we were touring in different Lebanese schools, partnering with MAG and LMAC who's one of their many missions is "mine risk education".
Clowns and mines education? it was definitely a super challenging theme. Samantha Holdsworth, Jan Damm, Clay Letson and myself accepted this fun challenge and came up with a super fun 30min performance. It was fun for us and I guess also fun for the kids.
Jim Muir from BBC followed us in one of our tours on the borders.

In June, CWB partened with Layan organisation- 4 clowns - Luz Gaxiola, Dave Clay, Claudio Martinez and myself - performed and gave workshops for Syrian refugees in the Bekaa and in the North of Lebanon.
photo by - Farah Kassem

We spent 15 days, performed 19 times for over 3800 kids.

It was an amazing amazing experience. I remember many sweet moments but one of the best was when we were performing in the back room of a mosque in the Bekaa and one guy was passing by!!! he loved what we were doing and asked us if we could go perform for the kids at the camp where he lives.

Photo by Farah Kassem

Us clowns, we loved the idea, and without even giving it a second thought we went. We were welcomed by tons and tons of red flowers held by the kids who were jumping around, laughing and hugging us...

Photo by Farah Kassem

Photo by Farah Kassem

Below I am sharing the work of the AP journalist Simone Camilli -
Simone passed away while covering the Gaza war few months after doing this awesome work.

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