Clowns Without Borders - Spain - PSF

We always talk about how good it is to stay positive, to say  "YES" , to open up and accept to play with the other...

this time of the year,  i fully experienced it...

I was with Al Jana performing in Tripoli

5 Spanish guys approached us and said that they were from the Clowns Without Borders PSF team and would like to perform for the kids... 

YES pls...

30 min later...

we couldn't stop laughing...  amazed by their world of  surprises, their great live music, circus techniques, positive energy etc etc etc

such a colorful day ... that ended with their suggestion... that i play with them in the next shows around Lebanon... 

and 2 days later... we started really experiencing the power of saying"yes" ... 

i joined them in different performances in Beirut and the South and ...

from now on... we will keep playing together around the world!!!! 

Mabsutin Fikun :) 
lots lots lots of love

Albert Grau

Oriol Liñan

Moisès Tiana Sí

Christian Olive

 One last thank you, would be for Diego Ibarra the photographer who was all the time present taking photos and videos  ( obviously not these ones on my blog- you can check his blog by clicking on his name) and David Guerrero  who was the guide, the photographer and briefly the too good to be true person :) 

You may call it a coincidence
You may call it a good luck
still.... i would surely call it... 
                          The YES effect 

Clown your own business

On the 16th of March 2012, Clown Me In joined effort with Mynditude and delivered a tailor made event to Kraft's leaderhsip team in Lebanon with the theme of Paul Arden's book "It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be."

Can't share many pictures with you, as it's against the policy of the company... but hey, i can assure you that we had lots of fun with a great positive team of around 14 people...

When i first saw them, i thought... "oh no!!! are they really gonna play!"

first impressions make me laugh sometimes...

Proyecto Indonesia - Clowns Without Borders USA

Proyecto Indonesia - Clowns Without Borders USA

Project Indonesia: In about a month Gaby will be collaborating with CWB USA in order to continue the work started in Indonesia in 2008. Any donation to keep this rolling is highly appreciated and it DOES make a difference. If you are interested you can contact me on:
"Clowns Without Borders offers laughter to relieve the suffering
of all persons, especially children, who live in areas of crisis including refugee camps, conflict zones and territories in situations of emergency. We bring levity, contemporary clown/circus oriented performances and workshops into communities so that they can celebrate together and forget for a moment the tensions that darken their daily lives. We also seek to raise our society’s awareness of affected populations and to promote a spirit of solidarity."
Thank you!!!

En un mes estaré viajando a Indonesia a trabajar con un grupo de payasos en Jakarta, Jogjakarta y Mentawai.
Este proyecto en específico empezó en 2008 con clowns Without Borders USA. Este año como continuidad del proyecto, nos invitan a 5 payasos de diferentes partes del mundo a seguir la labor al mismo tiempo que trabajar con diferentes comunidades en situaciones vulnerables.
CWB necesita donaciones para poder así seguir creciendo. La meta es juntar $2,000 USD, esto no es para mi ni ningún otro payaso, ni siquiera para este viaje en específico, sino para que la organización pueda invitar a otros artistas a próximos proyectos y que estos encuentros sucedan.
Cualquier donación es MUY bien recibida e importante (la mínima hace la diferencia).

Gracias por leer esto y si quieren y pueden, ESCRÍBANME A GABY@CLOWNMEIN.COM para darles los datos de mi cuenta o para hacerlo directamente a través de CWB aquÍ:
Igualmente si saben de alguien a quien le interese esta causa, por favor mándenle este mail!
Aquí les dejo la página de Clown Without Borders:


A Clown Me In workshop - Lebanon

poster by Pascale Chehade - picture by Farah Kassem

What’s in a Clown Me In workshop??!!!

We will simply discover how to unlock our clown, say yes, dig into our most ridiculous fears, most absurd fantasies, most impressive talents and our deepest dislikes... and we will laugh and play with our clowns

The aim is simple, discovering and accepting the Clown that lies beneath each of us, and let it coexist with oneself in society

so, so , so

If you feel like laughing a bit in the midst of everything that’s happening around us?

If you need to dig more into yourself? Meet a new group and experience something new?

Then Clown Me In is inviting you to its new workshop between the 20th and 24th of February 2012 at Awrad Organisation - Sin el Fil- Beirut - Lebanon
between 6.30 and 9.30 pm

for more info and registration :

The workshop is led by Sabine Choucair ( that's me )

About Clown Me In
Clown Me In is a clown theatre company founded Sabine Choucair from Lebanon and Gabriela Munoz from Mexico, two physically trained actors who studied in London. Clown Me In uses clowns to touch and play with the vulnerability and laughter of human beings and their edge, observing mostly the human dynamics and the reality inside each one of us.

The result!

Después de varios meses de pre producción y de tener una pastelería en mi casa... finlamente, ya acabados y "recien salidos del horno" estos pasteles, pudimos tomar las fotos.
El concepto era algo que yo tenía en mente, el ojo es de la hermosa Marion Sosa ( y el arte y diseño de vestuario de Valentina Muñoz ( Fue sin duda una sesión maravillosa, divertida y muy natural, lo digo con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja.

After several months of "making" cakes, my flat seemed to become a bakery.. well finally, we got everything together for the shooting and this is result. I had been playing with the concept for quite some time now and decided to collaborate, yet again, with wonderful artists, Marion Sosa (photo) & Valentina Muñoz (art & costume deign). It was indeed a great shoot. Stayed tuned as there´s plenty coming up... :)