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Clown Me In Lebanon claims responsibility for Beirut clown attack!

People not stopping on traffic lights is a common huge problem in Lebanon. Needless to tell you how many times I was about to hit a car, a motorcycle or a pedestrian just because I didn't know I had to stop on the GREEN light!!!!

Add to this that I've always wanted to do social clowning! 
And during the last Clown Me In workshop, a marvelous group of clowns was formed and they all had amazing social clowning ideas. 


So we thought !!!!! WHY NOT. Let's hit the streets for some Clown Me In attacks. 

 We simply congratulated people who stopped on the red light in our own clown way.
And guess what, the few people we met have had so much fun and pushed us to do more and more! 

The only person who was ticked off was the POLICE man he said: " what if a VIP person - a minister for instance- passes from here and doesn't want to have clowns coming close to him?" 
and he kicked us out of the street!!!!  

Fine, next time we will make sure to have a special clown permit and warning for VIP people to stay away...

Click on the links below to see more pictures of the two events and keep yourself posted of our new Social Clowning in Lebanon every week by liking/clicking on our FB page

Event of the 16th of February 2014
Event of the 22nd of February 2014

 ps: if you have any ideas for our social clowning and/or would like to join us, please leave a message here.

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