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I have never quite understood why I fell in love with It all started when I got slapped on the face by my teacher Giovanni Fusetti in London… and after an interesting journey I have had since I was a kid in Lebanon… Giovanni (even though he didn’t really slap me as slapping with his hand!) simply and gently opened a whole world to me … the Clown world, in a slap like “wake up you idiot girl”! Was a tough journey to find this Flower clown and harder to accept it! But something touched me deeply… deep deep inside and made me not want to do anything but share this journey with other people. Why? Because my way of seeing things changed drastically… because suddenly all made complete sense to me! I realized how much I was taking myself so seriously, how much I was sucking myself into the stress of life and how stupidly I was refusing my stupidity instead of embracing it! Today, I look around me, and I feel sorry for the years I spent worrying about minimal materialistic matters! Does it really matter if I get the best grades at school when I forget everything some years later? Does it really matter if I win prizes when I have to be competing, crying and hating the rivals? Does it really matter if I make shit loads of money when I can spend them in a day? Does it really matter if I am better than you? And I can go on forever... Well maybe it does, and it surely did… but not anymore. I am so grateful that now I can see the positive side of each person, I acknowledge the fact that everyone has something special, I can appreciate my niece’s and nephew’s freedom, I can freely cry when I get a kiss from the untouchables in India, I can be deeply touched when I see my loved ones laughing, I can shiver when I know that a war is on its way and scream loudly when people kill each other because they fear the unknown… Since that slap, I stopped fearing the unknown, I accepted my weaknesses, I learned how to touch other people gently, I have become more humane… and all I care about now is to share this experience because thankfully I still have this silly hope that one day humans will actually become more humane and that love exists if we are open to receive it! Clown is humanity, is freedom, is playfulness… Clown is the real life… offered to us on a transparent platter… let’s all share this platter… and devour it with no masks on! I thank each and every person for reminding me that I am a simple weak human being who can never be strong without him or her!

Sabine Choucair
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