Clowning with the employees of IECD - Lebanon

Below are some pictures from a Clown Me In workshop held with the employees of IECD

( Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement - Délégation Proche Orient) in lebanon

As a start, it was the first time i would play with people in French...

was so worried to the point where i had to look for all the technical words and study them before the group got to the workshop space :) ...

well it wasn't as dramatic as i am picturing it here.

It was quite interesting to get the group in the game, after a long day of work!!! but once there... the fun began!

The only problem was the couches i they were so comfortable...and inviting people constantly to take a nap

even Louise's baby looked so comfortable!!!!

i will leave you with the pictures now so you can imagine the rest of the story...

Merci les IECD :)

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