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Last week I found a website called www.thxthxthx.com , where Leah Dieterich offers longhand shows of appreciation for situations one normally doesn’t note…

Some of her notes made me laugh so hard… and I was so curious, I couldn’t stop reading her… (thanking the fridge, the muscle, the blue gas stove flame, the booze, the tatoo etc…)

Only then I realized….that Clown Me In ( Gaby and myself) and before even thinking about thanking random things in life…we never thanked all the “behind the scene” friends who have been helping us since we have started!

So here you go,

Christian Irles… the poor guy who had to bare our stupidity when making the blog

Pascale Chehade whom I just sent a clown me in proposal paper and asked her to make it look better… she not only did that, but also the logo, the designs, some of the posters and the completion certificate.

Valentina Munoz who is offering us great costumes

Gabriela Frias who offered all her miles to Gaby

Farah Kassem who’s taking the beautiful pictures and videos ( the bad ones are taken by us)

Cynthia Choucair who’s always present

Elie Abou jawdeh the quickest poster design

Wissam Chidiak one poster and technical godaddy and google mail adjustments

Ailin Conant who spent one month with us creating in Mexico

William Choukeir for a specific full of ideas e-mail he sent me

David Habchy who has this great talent in coming up with whatever I need… whenever I want

The Indian embassy who gave Gaby a visa in no time

The Mexican embassy who gave me a visa in 1 day (as I forgot to make one before leaving)

The brick theatre in NY, Berenice Gonzales who supported Gaby a lot

all the organizations and theatre companies we worked with....

And finally our families (moms, dads, sisters, brothers ) who just love and embrace our craziness

All our friends who were and still are such a great support

We thank you for believing in us and making our lives easier …

did i forget anyone???? ooooooops

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